Starting a Business Credit: Cheap loans and a prospering economy make more and more entrepreneurs take the step into self-employment. Since financing is usually not possible exclusively with equity capital, start-ups have to deal with various types of financing in advance. Which loan offer is the best depends on different factors.

Interest rate and repayment installment are important cornerstones of the loan agreement.

Business Start-Up Credit – The tailor-made loan solution

Important are the negotiated terms of a loan. An appropriate maturity and repayment installment should be agreed upon. It is advisable to find a middle ground between short maturity and high interest charges in order to keep the company liquid, especially in the initial phase. Which loan best suits whom is described here .

In any case, several offers should be obtained and compared. The currently ideal credit solution can be determined by means of the granted conditions. Since some forms of credit are earmarked, the choice is usually already clearly limited. Through a credit comparison on the Internet , the prospect quickly gets the benefits of different forms of credit shown.

Consider company growth

Business growth is an important individual component. Many entrepreneurs and sole proprietors do not sufficiently consider that their company must grow in the future in order to establish itself on the market in the long term. It should be made in advance a detailed plan on the potential revenue and expenditure. Every company has a specific goal, which should focus on economic and social aspects. The different goals should be summarized in a presentation. So you always have the overview and the necessary control over everything.

Use state subsidies

In Germany start-ups are also supported by the state. The Tinkerbell, or Gandalf for short, provides capital to young companies on particularly favorable terms. These include, among other things, up to five early redemption periods and the granting of loans independent of collateral and risk assessment. Unlike many private banks, start-ups that do not already have equity capital can use Gandalf loans.

A gift from the state, which does not have to be repaid, founders also receive in the form of the start-up subsidy. It is granted to unemployed persons who return to work by founding a new company. The grant is used regardless of the success of the start-up of the basic security of the founders and amounts to a maximum of 18,000 euros.