Arabesk LogoNow in Damascus (October 2008, around 15 students): Chris Cook - Usa – Georgia (since end May, 1 year, package 6 months Studies Damascus University + private lessons + accommodation for students), Helene - Germany- Munich (since end May, 6m, package studies + accommodation in family), Cosette Wong – Usa – New Mexico (August, 4 months, complete package courses Damascus University + private teacher + accommodation family), Chris Browne – Uk – Newcastle (mid August, initially 2 months, now + 2 months: private tuitions + accommodation "Living & Practicing"), Marko – Finland (Sept, 3 m, Univ + private teacher + accommodation), Emily Sumner – Usa – Georgetown Univ (Sept, 3 months, package courses in Damascus University + private lessons + family accommodation), Dom Taylor – Uk (mid Sept, 6 months, Studies Damascus University + private studies + student accomm "Living & Practising"), Matthew Ong – Usa – LA (mid Sept, 1 year, package 3 m private courses + accommodation), Antoinette – Belgium – Bruxelles (end Sept, 1 year, search accommodation in family), Cole – Usa – Princeton Univ (Oct, 1 year, shared accommodation in "Living & Practising"), Aida – Benin (end Sept, 1 year, family accommodation search), Inamul – Uk– Bradford (Oct, 5 m, pack 2 m private studies + Damascus University course + accommodation), Daniela Soricetti – Switzerland / Italy (Oct, 3 m or +, pack Damascus University + accommodation family), Adria Brossa – Spain – Barcelona (Oct, 2 m, pack studies Damascus University + students accommodation), Kyoung Mi Lee – Korea (Oct, 1 year, search accommodation in family), Ahsan & Farah + 2 children– Uk – Oxford (9-10 m, pack private course 1 month + accommodation search) Arabesk Logo In Nov - Dec 2008 and January 2009 (already around 10 students): Anti & Makela – Finland (Nov 2008, 1 month, intensive private course, 4h / day), Elisabetta Frega – Italy (Nov, 1 m, pack Damascus University course + family accommodation), Marte Van Oort – Holland - Utrecht (Nov, 3 weeks, intensive private lessons + family accommodation), Lisa Branell – Sweden (Nov, 1 m, pack Damascus University + private teacher + family accommodation), Gloria Muccioli – Italy - Venice (Nov, 1 m, package private tuitions + accommodation in family), Charlotte – Sweden – Stockholm (2 weeks very intensive private studies 6h/day + accommodation family) Zainab –Uk – London (January, 6 months), Aimee Thomson – Usa – Colorado (1 year, pack 3 months Damascus University + family accommodation), Sophia – Uk (package 3 months studies) … and many more to confirm for the end of the year 2008 and 2009, Insha Allah ! ....

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Arabic Learning Services in Damascus  大馬士革-阿拉伯語學習服務

Studies and Services to learn Arabic in Damascus 提供在大馬士革學習阿拉伯語及其相關服務

Ahlan wa Sahlan ! Welcome to Damascus to study the Arabic language and the Islamic culture for few months, one year or several years!!

Ahlan wa Sahlan (您好), 歡迎到大馬士革展開短至數月, 長至一年或數年.阿拉伯語及伊斯蘭教文化的學習,

We are a private team of professionals, with a good experience in the teaching of Arabic to foreign students, offering services, informing and promoting the excellent possibilities of studying in Damascus , Syria , in the already existing institutes in order to attract the students. We want to help as much as we can the persons who want to study more about Arabic language or their religion with our package of services, from before their arrival until they get settled here and until their departure (even if we wish that they stay with us!!!).

我們是一個專業的私人服務團隊, 提供我們相當經驗給想學阿拉伯語之外國學生有關阿拉伯語教學及相關服務,告知及推廣現在敍利亞已有之語學中心的任何極佳學習機會. 我們希望可以盡可能的幫助想要學習更多有關阿拉伯語或是有關宗教的套裝服務, 從您的抵達, 你的停留期間及至您的離開. (我們希望您能停留於此美好的地方)

Our Services “Arabesk for Studies in Damascus ” were established in 2002. Until now, few people know the great possibilities of studies in Damascus , that's why we decided to promote them.

我們”Arabesk for Studies in Damascus” 成立於2002年, 至今, 僅少數人知道此”在大馬士革學習”的極佳機會. 因此, 我們決定全力推廣,

Our website and services are oriented to university students in Middle East Studies, Arabic Studies in European, American universities (or any other part of the world) as for as Muslims living in western countries or anyone that wants to learn Arabic for personal or professional purposes.

我們的服務是對於在中東地區, 在歐洲, 美國大學學習阿拉伯語的大學學生為方向, 同時也是針對於生活在西方國家的穆斯林或是任何想學習阿拉伯語的個人, 不論是以個人或是專業學習為目的. 現我們欲推廣至亞洲國家(大陸及台灣等)以因應興起的需求