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Living In Damascus:   Arabic Educational Program in Damascus

Living in Damascus is great. People in Syria are very nice, friendly, welcoming, and curious, and one makes friends very quickly. Syrians have the traditional values of hospitality and generosity, and treat their foreign guests with great respect.

居住在大馬士革是很美好的. 大馬士革的居民很親切,友善, 以及對於不同民族有著高度的好奇, 並且歡迎外來人士, 很快地可以與其做朋友. 敍利亞人有著寬闊及歡迎的傳統優良價值觀, 當地人是以良好的尊重態度對待外國朋友.  

 Furthermore, security is maximum. Syria is considered by the United Nations as one of the safest countries in the world, free from crime, insecurity and fear (no theft, no violence, no arms, no drugs). Students will really feel at home, or even better.

此外, 在當地是非常安全的. 敍利亞是被聯合國視為世界上最安全的國家之一. 沒有犯罪, 危險及恐懼(沒有竊盜, 暴亂,戰爭及毒品) 學生們將會覺得如同處在家鄉, 甚至更好

 The cost of living in Syria is low, much lower than Western countries or Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, or the Arabian Gulf countries. Life is affordable: eating, transportation, accommodation.  

敍利亞的生活開支是比西方國家或是黎巴嫩, 約旦, 埃及或是其他阿拉伯國家低廉許多. 生活是容易負擔, 包活食物, 大眾運輸及住宿


in Syrian Liras 敍利亞Liras

in Euros 歐元

Bus ticket 公車費

5 liras

0,08 €

taxi ride 計程費

35-50 liras

0,55 – 0,80 €

shawarma sandwich 沙威兒馬三明治

25 liras

0,4 €

man hairdresser 男士理髮

75 liras

1,2 €

woman hairdresser 女士理髮

350 liras

5,6 €

kilo of bananas  一斤香蕉

60 liras

1 €

kilo of tomatoes 一斤蕃茄

15 liras

0,2 €

kilo of oranges 一斤柳丁

25 liras

0,4 €

liter of milk  一公升牛奶

35 liras

0,55 €

liter of cola 一公升可樂

35 liras

0,55 €

kilo of chicken meat 一斤雞肉

90 liras

1,43 €

Good pair of shoes 一双鞋

1500 liras

23,8 €

one hour Internet 一小時網路

60 liras

1 €

bus ticket 公車票

5 liras

0,08 €

bag of bread 一袋麵包

25 liras

0,4 €

kilo of sugar 一斤糖

35 liras

0,55 €

kilo of rice  一斤米

30 liras

0,5 €

doctor visit 看診費

250 – 350  liras

4 – 5,5 €

cell phone SIM card  手機SIN卡

450 liras

7,1 €

mobile recharge 1000 units / 1 month  手機再續通話費 1000單位/月

775 liras

12,3 €

Inter cities bus (A/C)                             入市內之公車(冷氣)

125 liras

2 €

Monument entrance fee, museum 紀念碑及博物館之門票

150 liras


Diner 4 persons 4人之晚餐

1600 - 2000 liras

25,4 – 31,7 €

rent flat 2-3 rooms  2-3房之租金

15000 - 19000 liras

238 – 290 €

laundry shirt – trouser 洗衣費(襯衫-長褲)

35 liras

0,55 €

 Syria is a relatively developed country. For alimentation, fruits and vegetables are abundant, fresh, very tasty as they are naturally produced. For cow meat and milk, there is few because of the climate but chicken, sheep meat are common (even camel).  

敍利亞是一個相當開發的國家. 就以營養, 水果及蔬果方面是很充足, 且新鮮. 特別是美味, 這是由於這些產品是很自然的培植. 而牛肉及牛奶方面, 則是少量, 因為氣候的因素, 但是雞肉及羊肉則為普遍.(甚至駱駝肉)

The bank system is not very developed, but we can find some offices for international transfer (with a commission, as Western Union). Don’t bring traveler cheques.

銀行系統方面則較不發達, 但我們仍能找到一些有國際轉滙及辦事處(必須付手續費或佣金, 如同: 西方聯合銀行). 不要帶”旅行支票”

 The use of Internet is developed, we find many Internet cafes everywhere.

網路的使用是方便的. 可以在各地找到網路咖啡

 The weather in Damascus is exceptionally good. 320 days a year there is nice weather. In winter, it is quite cold (cold but dry and sunny) and summers are very hot (35C, but dry heat so easily bearable). Nice seasons (spring and autumn) are long and nice.                 

大馬士革的天氣是非常的好. 一年320天都擁有良好的天氣. 在冬季是相當的冷(但是乾燥及晴朗), 而夏季則是嚴熱(35度, 燥熱但是可以承受). 春季及秋季則是非常美好的季節, 幸運地是, 此為2個長季節.              

Important notice about Dressing:  重要衣著資訊

 For the clothes, Syria and specially Damascus, is quite conservative. It is a Muslim country, where the culture, the values and principles are very alive and strong. The best is “Respect to be respected”.

衣著方面, 在敍利亞, 特別是大馬士革是相常保守的. 因這是一個伊斯蘭教國家, 各地的文化, 價值觀及教條仍是存在及強烈明顯. 以”敬人者人恆敬之”是最好的態度

For the women for example, The most suitable is large clothes, cotton for the summer. Short or medium dresses, naked shoulders, bermudas, tide cloth are not indicated (even though some few syrian girls wear very stretch clothes, it is not the common way).

就女性而言, 最合適的衣著為寬鬆, 棉質衣服最適夏季. 短裙, 及膝裙及無袖, 緊身衣都是不合適的.( 即使一些敍利亞當地女性穿著展現身材的緊身衣服, 都不是普遍的現象)

 For men, it is easier: you just have to avoid shorts, bermudas and short trousers. Here, as you will see, all men wear long trousers (and oftenly with another thin trouser under). Even when the sun is very hot, few people go with naked legs, only "machos" or playboys (and some tourists!!).

就男性而言, 則較為簡單, 只要您能避免短袖及短褲即可. 在當地您將會看到所有的男性穿著長褲(而且通常是有小薄短褲在裡面), 甚至當天氣非常嚴熱,也只有少數男性會裸露腿部外出, 只有少數的男性 或是花花公子及一些外來觀光客才會如此穿著外出