Arabesk LogoNow in Damascus (October 2008, around 15 students): Chris Cook - Usa – Georgia (since end May, 1 year, package 6 months Studies Damascus University + private lessons + accommodation for students), Helene - Germany- Munich (since end May, 6m, package studies + accommodation in family), Cosette Wong – Usa – New Mexico (August, 4 months, complete package courses Damascus University + private teacher + accommodation family), Chris Browne – Uk – Newcastle (mid August, initially 2 months, now + 2 months: private tuitions + accommodation "Living & Practicing"), Marko – Finland (Sept, 3 m, Univ + private teacher + accommodation), Emily Sumner – Usa – Georgetown Univ (Sept, 3 months, package courses in Damascus University + private lessons + family accommodation), Dom Taylor – Uk (mid Sept, 6 months, Studies Damascus University + private studies + student accomm "Living & Practising"), Matthew Ong – Usa – LA (mid Sept, 1 year, package 3 m private courses + accommodation), Antoinette – Belgium – Bruxelles (end Sept, 1 year, search accommodation in family), Cole – Usa – Princeton Univ (Oct, 1 year, shared accommodation in "Living & Practising"), Aida – Benin (end Sept, 1 year, family accommodation search), Inamul – Uk– Bradford (Oct, 5 m, pack 2 m private studies + Damascus University course + accommodation), Daniela Soricetti – Switzerland / Italy (Oct, 3 m or +, pack Damascus University + accommodation family), Adria Brossa – Spain – Barcelona (Oct, 2 m, pack studies Damascus University + students accommodation), Kyoung Mi Lee – Korea (Oct, 1 year, search accommodation in family), Ahsan & Farah + 2 children– Uk – Oxford (9-10 m, pack private course 1 month + accommodation search) Arabesk Logo In Nov - Dec 2008 and January 2009 (already around 10 students): Anti & Makela – Finland (Nov 2008, 1 month, intensive private course, 4h / day), Elisabetta Frega – Italy (Nov, 1 m, pack Damascus University course + family accommodation), Marte Van Oort – Holland - Utrecht (Nov, 3 weeks, intensive private lessons + family accommodation), Lisa Branell – Sweden (Nov, 1 m, pack Damascus University + private teacher + family accommodation), Gloria Muccioli – Italy - Venice (Nov, 1 m, package private tuitions + accommodation in family), Charlotte – Sweden – Stockholm (2 weeks very intensive private studies 6h/day + accommodation family) Zainab –Uk – London (January, 6 months), Aimee Thomson – Usa – Colorado (1 year, pack 3 months Damascus University + family accommodation), Sophia – Uk (package 3 months studies) … and many more to confirm for the end of the year 2008 and 2009, Insha Allah ! ....

Why Arabic:   Arabic Educational Program in Damascus

The best way ever known to discover a country or a culture, know their traditions, understand their values, thinking, and learn their language is to live in it and mix with the people. Traveling for a few days or weeks is not enough to say ”I know this country”.

欲認識一個國家或文化x, 了解他們的傳統, 價值觀,認知及學習該國語言之最好的方式就是”在當地生活及融入人們的作息.  僅旅行幾天或是幾個星期不足以表示”已了解此國家”

The Arabic language is one of the most important language nowadays and will take a great place in the near future. The Arabic language is the fourth largest in the world in terms of number of native speakers (after Chinese, Spanish and English). It is the official language of twenty three (23) countries : Algeria , Bahrain , Chad , Comoros Islands , Egypt , Iraq , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Libya , Morocco , Mauritania , Oman , Palestine , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Somalia , Sudan , Tunisia , United Arab Emirates , Yemen and Djibouti . The Arab speakers count for 200 millions in the world.

阿拉伯語是現今世界上最重要的語言之一. 而且將會在未來扮演著重要的角色. 依照母語數量來說(在渶語, 西班牙語及英語後) 阿拉伯語是世界上第四大的語言. 它是在23個國家中被公認的語言: 阿爾及利亞 , 巴林 , 查德 , Comoros Islands , 埃及 , 伊拉克 ,約旦 , 科威特, 黎巴嫩 , 利比亞 , 摩洛哥 , 茅利塔尼亞 , 阿曼 , 巴勒斯坦 , 卡塔爾 , 沙烏地阿拉伯 , 敍利亞 , 索馬里 , 蘇丹 , 突尼西亞 , 阿拉伯聯合大公國 ,葉門及吉布地. 阿拉伯語人口數在世界上是約200億.

Arabic is the language of Islam and it is widely understood by over one billion Muslims (more than one thousand millions), from Morocco to Bangladesh , Malaysia and Indonesia and from Turkey to Yemen , and all the Arabs and Muslims emigrated to western countries.

阿拉伯語是伊斯蘭教的語言, 它是被超過10億穆斯林所廣泛了解的語言. 如: 從摩洛哥到孟加拉, 馬來西亞及印尼及從土耳其到葉門, 以及所有移民至西方國家的阿拉伯裔及穆斯林們.

It is not only the language of the religion of millions of Muslims in the world but Arabic is experiencing a great development and strengthening his own position in the culture, the economy, the politics and specially in the Medias. The number of Arabic channels is continuously increasing.

阿拉伯語不只是數百萬穆斯林的宗教語言, 而且還是一個很好自我發掘的體會及強化學生們自已在文化,經濟, 政治領域中的立場, 特別是在各媒體上, 了解阿拉伯國家及語言的途徑一直持續增加中.

Channels as Al Jazeera are having a great success as satellite news channels. Other Arabic channels are becoming popular (Abu Dhabi, Al Andalous, Space Toons for children), without talking of the many Islamic satellite channels for the Muslims in the world (Iqra, Al Majd, Ash Shariqa, Al Risala, Al Fajr).

例如: Al Jazeera 就擁有很成功的”衛星新聞頻道”, 其他的途徑也很受歡迎(如: Abu Dhabi, Al Andalous, 小朋友的Space Toons ), 這些途徑是很多為伊斯蘭教教徒所設立的伊斯蘭教衛星頻道沒有提到的 (如: Iqra, Al Majd, Ash Shariqa, Al Risala, Al Fajr).

The international events in the world since 2001, the Palestine situation, the war against Iraq and the future perspectives have put the Arabic and Muslim in the front page of actuality and the center of the international scenes , what makes it is attracting a great number of people to know more about these countries, this culture, their history, learn their language for personal or professional purposes.

自從2001年許多國際重大事件的發生, 巴勒斯坦情況, 對伊拉克的戰爭, 現存頭版及國際焦點對阿拉伯國家及穆斯林的預設立場及觀點, 都是吸引廣大的民眾了解有關這些國家, 文化, 歷史,及不論是專業或是個人學習阿拉伯語的起因,

The students of today will be the teachers of tomorrow. We want people to know us, to understand us in order to be our representative abroad, our ambassadors. In Araesk, we work to create better understanding between people from different cultures, more respect, more tolerance, more opened minds.

我們一直相信”今天的學生將是明日的教師”, 我們希望被認識, 及被了解, 進而能成為我們對外的代表, 我們的大使. 在Arabesk, 我們一直努力創造在不同文化中如何能給人們對我們有更好的認識, 更多的尊重, 更多的包容及開放的思考方向

In another hand, knowledge of Arabic is truly a requirement to get around in Syria , in everyday life and through the Arabic culture, traditions and mentality, which you cant reach with an intermediate language.

另一方面, 對阿拉伯國家及語言的知識是在敍利亞所被需要的. 從日常生活及透過阿拉伯國家的文化, 傳統及思想, 您可以使您的阿拉伯語更進步. 同時也可以更了解我們國家.