Arabesk LogoNow in Damascus (October 2008, around 15 students): Chris Cook - Usa – Georgia (since end May, 1 year, package 6 months Studies Damascus University + private lessons + accommodation for students), Helene - Germany- Munich (since end May, 6m, package studies + accommodation in family), Cosette Wong – Usa – New Mexico (August, 4 months, complete package courses Damascus University + private teacher + accommodation family), Chris Browne – Uk – Newcastle (mid August, initially 2 months, now + 2 months: private tuitions + accommodation "Living & Practicing"), Marko – Finland (Sept, 3 m, Univ + private teacher + accommodation), Emily Sumner – Usa – Georgetown Univ (Sept, 3 months, package courses in Damascus University + private lessons + family accommodation), Dom Taylor – Uk (mid Sept, 6 months, Studies Damascus University + private studies + student accomm "Living & Practising"), Matthew Ong – Usa – LA (mid Sept, 1 year, package 3 m private courses + accommodation), Antoinette – Belgium – Bruxelles (end Sept, 1 year, search accommodation in family), Cole – Usa – Princeton Univ (Oct, 1 year, shared accommodation in "Living & Practising"), Aida – Benin (end Sept, 1 year, family accommodation search), Inamul – Uk– Bradford (Oct, 5 m, pack 2 m private studies + Damascus University course + accommodation), Daniela Soricetti – Switzerland / Italy (Oct, 3 m or +, pack Damascus University + accommodation family), Adria Brossa – Spain – Barcelona (Oct, 2 m, pack studies Damascus University + students accommodation), Kyoung Mi Lee – Korea (Oct, 1 year, search accommodation in family), Ahsan & Farah + 2 children– Uk – Oxford (9-10 m, pack private course 1 month + accommodation search) Arabesk Logo In Nov - Dec 2008 and January 2009 (already around 10 students): Anti & Makela – Finland (Nov 2008, 1 month, intensive private course, 4h / day), Elisabetta Frega – Italy (Nov, 1 m, pack Damascus University course + family accommodation), Marte Van Oort – Holland - Utrecht (Nov, 3 weeks, intensive private lessons + family accommodation), Lisa Branell – Sweden (Nov, 1 m, pack Damascus University + private teacher + family accommodation), Gloria Muccioli – Italy - Venice (Nov, 1 m, package private tuitions + accommodation in family), Charlotte – Sweden – Stockholm (2 weeks very intensive private studies 6h/day + accommodation family) Zainab –Uk – London (January, 6 months), Aimee Thomson – Usa – Colorado (1 year, pack 3 months Damascus University + family accommodation), Sophia – Uk (package 3 months studies) … and many more to confirm for the end of the year 2008 and 2009, Insha Allah ! ....

Our Services:   Arabic Educational Program in Damascus

Arabesk in Damascus offers the following services:

我們Arabesk in Damascus 提供以下的服務:

We promote the Arabic courses in Damascus (Damascus University, Mezzeh Institute) or the Islamic institutes. There are very good institutes which offer programs over several years. Programs are intensive and loaded. All courses are in ARABIC. The students will learn and improve their classical Arabic, writing, reading, conversation, very quickly while they study many Islamic subjects: Quran, Tajwid, Fiqh, Hadith, Sira, Tafsir, Sahabas, Grammar … We can inform you about:

我們推廣在大馬士革的阿拉伯語課程(大馬士革大學, 位於 “Mezzeh”語學部), 或是伊斯蘭的協會. 他們都是提供良好課程的單位超過數年.  課程通常是密集而整套設定好的  所有的課程都是以阿拉伯語進行. 學生將學習及增進他們的阿拉伯語: 寫作, 閱讀及會話.  而且非常快速, 特別當學生們學習多種伊斯蘭的主題, 例如: 可蘭經( Quran), Tajwid (語法及讀法), Fiqh(伊斯蘭教律法), Hadith(先知原始語錄), Sira (先知的傳記), Tafsir(可蘭經之翻譯) Sahabas(先知信徒之傳記), 以文法等. 我們可以告知您有關:

 1- the institutes  語學部介紹

2- the programs  課程

3- studies for advanced students 進階學生的學習

4- studies for intermediate students 中階學生的學習

5- studies for beginner students 初階學生的學習

6- summer courses                      暑期課程

7- winter courses                                  冬季課程

8- conditions                                        相關細節

9- living costs                                       生活的開支

1- accommodation                       住宿

11- private courses                               私人教師的課程

 We specially emphasize that the student has to register in one of the institutes. We always recommend to the student to combine between Damascus University / Islamic Institutes and complete his studies with private courses. Coming to Damascus in an unique occasion, an investment, so you have to take a maximum of profit.

我們特別強調學生們必須報名其中一個語學部. 我們一直推薦學生們選擇於大馬士革大學或伊斯蘭協會之一以及合併私人教師的課程來達到極佳的學習成果.  來到大馬士革是一個獨特的機會及自我投資. 您必須盡可能的達到最大的效益.

Arabesk Services      “Arabesk” 的服務

Our services are born from our own personal experience and the experience of thousands of students that came here to study. Our services have been carefully studied and elaborated in order to answer the needs of the students, to easy their landing to Damascus.

我們的服務是從我們豐富的經驗及吸收數千位學生來此學習的經驗整合而成. 我們的服務一直都以仔細及精心的研究, 以便可以滿足學生們的需求, 以令他們的學習期間更佳方便及容易.

Before arrival: 抵達前

- Information about the different institutes, courses, programs, conditions

對於不同語學部, 課程以相關情形的告知

- Answering the emails, questions, doubts

回覆電子郵件, 各種相關問題及疑問

- Advise for the most suitable institute, according to his characteristics.


- Information about living costs, accommodation,


Upon the arrival: 抵達至大馬士革

- Welcome at the airport by Arabesk representative,


- Transfer by car to the hotel, accommodation or family

接引至飯店, 或是寄宿家庭等住宿地點

- Three nights hotel (3*, clean, decent) while looking for an accommodation.

在找住宿的期間, 將有3晚的飯店住宿(乾淨, 舒適)

- An assistant that will go with you for three days helping for registration, accommodation and residence.

3日的專人陪同, 給予語學部註冊, 住宿及相關幫助.

- Visiting the several institutes and registration in one of their choice


- Assistance for institute registration (documents, translation)


- Looking for an accommodation


All this, with the company of a representative of Arabesk that will assist you during all your stay.

以上的服務,Arabesk 都將會有專人陪同協助, 以利於您停留的期間

During your stay 停留期間

- Damascus city tour (National Museum, Al Azam Palace, damascene houses), historical monuments and Islamic architecture buildings (old houses, palaces) with a guide.

大馬士革城市遊覽 (國家博物館, Al Azam 皇宮, damascene houses ), 歷史紀念碑及伊斯蘭教式的建築(舊式房屋及皇宮)

- 3 Trips during the year (Bosra, Palmyra, the Fortress of the Chevaliers).

一年內之3次旅遊(Bosra, Palmyra, the Fortress of the Chevaliers)

- Assistance for residence permit (Iqama), assistance for registration in Embassy


- Turkish traditional Hammam.


- Panoramic view from Jabal Qasiun in the evening, mountain that dominates Damascus.

從Jabal Qasiun俯瞰大馬士革之夜景. Jabal Qasiun是管轄全大馬十革之山嶺

- Diner at a traditional Arabic restaurant.


After your stay 出境後

 Even after your departure, we will be at your service for any request, help, advise.

即使在您離開大馬士革後, 我們仍將會提供一切可能的協助, 資訊及建議


Our rates:  費用

For more several students, groups, please ask us


Special programs can be arranged upon students’ request. We also organize tours in Syria and the Middle East (Jordan & Lebanon) and we can help you with Umra and Hajj.  

學生們可因不同的需求而做不同的特別計劃要求, 我們也會規劃在敍利亞的旅遊及中東地區(如: 土耳其及黎巴嫩),並且提供Umra and Hajj的幫助.

Payment = before arrival     付款: 抵達前付款

Entry Visa for Syria = you should apply for the Syrian visa from the Syrian Embassy in your country of residence.

入境簽證= 您必須向您所居住國家之當地敍利亞大使館先申請入境簽證