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Arabesk Logo Now in January 2011: Marzia from USA - Denver CO (Sept 2010 - 4 months + 4 months), Fulbright students since October (private teacher or accommodation), Pierre - Italy – Kuwait (Oct, 5 months), Kathryn - USA North Dakota (October – 7.5 months), Morgane from France - Bretagne (Oct, 8 months, studies in Damascus University and family accom in Muhajirin), Haifa from France – Menton / Nice (Dec, 1 year, studies in institute and family accommodation in Baramka), 3 students from IFPO Damas (accommodation in families in Baramka, Muhajirin), Martin from USA – Michigan (Jan 2011 for 4 months, private teacher and 1 month accomm), Casey from USA – WDC (Jan, 6 months, studies at Damascus University), Lina from Sweden (Jan, 1 month, intensive package Univ + private lessons + family accommodation), Juan Carlos from Spain – Valencia (Jan, 3 m), Atte from Finland (Jan, 1 month intensive private course with 2 teachers), Anita from Australia – Darwin (mid Jan, 1 month private tuitions + family accommodation), Sabrina from Italy (family accommodation search only), Daniela from Switzerland / Italy (2 months, third time in Damascus with Arabesk), Hammad from UK- Birmingham (end Jan, studies at Mezzeh Institute and accommodation search), Djamel from France (end Jan, 3 months in Mezze Institute + Living & Practicing), Carl from USA – Chicago (second time in Damascus after 2008, accommodation search for 6 months), Amir from USA – Boulder, Colorado (Feb, 6 months, course in Damascus Univ, accommodation for 3 months). Arabesk Logo Coming in February and forward: James from USA - Princeton Univ (4 m, private tuitions and Living and Practicing accomm), Elisa from Italy / Spain - Madrid (1 month private course + family accommodation), Sara & Carola from Italy (March for 1 month at Damascus University), Kris Allen from USA – Nashville TENNESSEE (summer 2011, 6 months, studies at University of Damascus + private tuitions + accommodation), Marie Laure & Assia from France – Paris (adult students coming in summer for 1 month in Damascus Univ + private lessons), and much to confirm …. In August 2011, it will be Ramadan, so we will have reduced capacities, especially in teaching, our teachers will take only one student.

Our Program:

Arabesk in Damascus offers the following services:

We promote the Arabic courses in Damascus (University, Mezzeh Institute), the Islamic institutes or our private courses. There are very good institutes which offer programs over several years. Programs are intensive and loaded. All courses are in ARABIC. The students will learn and improve their classical Arabic, writing, reading, conversation, very quickly while they study many Islamic subjects: Quran, Tajwid, Fiqh, Hadith, Sira, Tafsir, Sahabas, Grammar We can inform you about:

 1- the institutes

2- the programs

3- studies for beginner, advanced, intermediate students

4- summer courses

5- winter courses

6- conditions

7- living costs

8- accommodation

9- private courses

We always recommend to the student to combine between University / Islamic Institutes and complete his studies with private courses. Coming to Damascus is an unique occasion, an investment, so you have to take a maximum of profit.

Arabesk Services

Our services are born from our own personal experience and the experience of thousands of students that came here to study. Our services have been carefully studied and elaborated in order to answer the needs of the students, to easy their landing to Damascus.

Before arrival:

- Information about the different institutes, courses, programs, conditions

- Answering the emails, questions, doubts

- Advise for the most suitable institute, according to his characteristics.

- Information about living costs, accommodation,

Upon the arrival:

- Welcome at the airport by Arabesk representative,

- Transfer by car to the hotel, accommodation or family

- Three nights hotel (central, clean, decent) while looking for an accommodation.

- An assistant that will go with you for three days helping for registration, accommodation and residence.

- Visiting the several institutes and registration in one of their choice

- Assistance for institute registration (documents, translation)

- Looking for an accommodation

All this, with the company of a representative of Arabesk that will assist you during all your stay.

During your stay

- Damascus city tour (National Museum, Al Azam Palace, damascene houses), historical monuments and Islamic architecture buildings (old houses, palaces) with a guide.

- 3 Trips during the year (Bosra, Palmyra, the Fortress of the Chevaliers).

- Assistance for residence permit (Iqama), assistance for registration in Embassy

- Turkish traditional Hammam.

- Panoramic view from Jabal Qasiun in the evening, mountain that dominates Damascus.

- Diner at a traditional Arabic restaurant.

After your stay

 Even after your departure, we will be at your service for any request, help, advise.


Our rates:  

For more several students, groups, please ask us.                                             

Special programs can be arranged upon students request.

We also organize tours in Syria and the Middle East (Jordan & Lebanon) and we can help you with Umra and Hajj.  

Payment = before arrival

Entry Visa for Syria = you should apply for the Syrian visa from the Syrian Embassy in your country of residence.