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Arabesk Logo Now in January 2011: Marzia from USA - Denver CO (Sept 2010 - 4 months + 4 months), Fulbright students since October (private teacher or accommodation), Pierre - Italy – Kuwait (Oct, 5 months), Kathryn - USA North Dakota (October – 7.5 months), Morgane from France - Bretagne (Oct, 8 months, studies in Damascus University and family accom in Muhajirin), Haifa from France – Menton / Nice (Dec, 1 year, studies in institute and family accommodation in Baramka), 3 students from IFPO Damas (accommodation in families in Baramka, Muhajirin), Martin from USA – Michigan (Jan 2011 for 4 months, private teacher and 1 month accomm), Casey from USA – WDC (Jan, 6 months, studies at Damascus University), Lina from Sweden (Jan, 1 month, intensive package Univ + private lessons + family accommodation), Juan Carlos from Spain – Valencia (Jan, 3 m), Atte from Finland (Jan, 1 month intensive private course with 2 teachers), Anita from Australia – Darwin (mid Jan, 1 month private tuitions + family accommodation), Sabrina from Italy (family accommodation search only), Daniela from Switzerland / Italy (2 months, third time in Damascus with Arabesk), Hammad from UK- Birmingham (end Jan, studies at Mezzeh Institute and accommodation search), Djamel from France (end Jan, 3 months in Mezze Institute + Living & Practicing), Carl from USA – Chicago (second time in Damascus after 2008, accommodation search for 6 months), Amir from USA – Boulder, Colorado (Feb, 6 months, course in Damascus Univ, accommodation for 3 months). Arabesk Logo Coming in February and forward: James from USA - Princeton Univ (4 m, private tuitions and Living and Practicing accomm), Elisa from Italy / Spain - Madrid (1 month private course + family accommodation), Sara & Carola from Italy (March for 1 month at Damascus University), Kris Allen from USA – Nashville TENNESSEE (summer 2011, 6 months, studies at University of Damascus + private tuitions + accommodation), Marie Laure & Assia from France – Paris (adult students coming in summer for 1 month in Damascus Univ + private lessons), and much to confirm …. In August 2011, it will be Ramadan, so we will have reduced capacities, especially in teaching, our teachers will take only one student.
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1) Our tours to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and neighboring countries

2) Article about Damascus and Arabesk in an Indonesian newspapers “Jakarta Post” written by one of our students.

3) Our partner in Canada: Hansa Language Centre

Founded in 1969, Hansa Language Centre is one of the largest and most respected language schools in Canada. Offering a huge variety of classes, a long list of trips, sports and social activities, Hansa offers new ways of learning within a uniquely multicultural ambience. Added all together, Hansa makes learning fun, easy, and effective.

4) a Book Shop / una librería in Madrid: Al Diwan = especializada en el mundo árabe-islámico

(c/ Joaquin Ma Lopez, 70 – Madrid – )

5) Islamic clothes SHUKR = Presentation  nice suits, shirts and women clothes

6) Scientific website about the Coran and Sunna: VERY INTERESTING

- in English =

- en français =

- en español =

- in Arabic =

(for those who want to practice their literature or scientific Arabic)

6) Réseau Voltaire = Site of international news analysis = recommended to read others points of view.

Arabesk Partners

- en français =

- in Arabic =

EXTREMELY INTERESTING (for those who want to practice their medias arabic). - en español =

- in English =

7) Some other newspapers online (in English):

* Iran Daily

* Entre Filets (en français) :

* Al Ahram – Egypt (in English):

* Asia Times (in English):

8) News site (read another point of view in international news, with another perspective, from the other side). In FRENCH.

9) Scholar websites:

* Sheikh Zyad Al Jazairi

* Dr. Mohamad Said Ramadan Al-Bouti

* Dr. Wahbeh Az-Zuhayli Website:

* A mainly Arabic Forum with informations and discussion about Islam

* Sheikh Mohamad Rateb Nabalsi

10) A forum for Arabic language.In SPANISH

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